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A family business in continuous evolution

The story began in 1843 and has evolved over the years for 6 generations. Today the company has started collaborations with qualified suppliers to whom it supplies processing recipes and raw materials to obtain the best products to be marketed.

Today the company is an established reality at national and international level specialized in the production of pasta and tomato-based products.

The birth


In 1843 Angelo Tomadini opened a bakery in Pordenone, then a small town that was growing in size, to which he added the production of pasta, first fresh and then dried. Tomadini baked quality products that people appreciated, production grew and a number of sales outlets were opened in Pordenone in order to supply the entire city from the production center in Via della Motta.

The Expansion

1862 - 1924

In the period 1862-1920 Angelo was succeeded by his son Arcangelo who continued with love the work started by his father. In the period 1886-1924 then the activity is conducted by Antonio who died at only 37 years, leaving his wife Luigia and 5 children.

A modern factory

1862 - 1924

Antonio’s widow Luigia together with her sons Arcangelo, Lorenzo, Gino and Giovanni with passion and determination continued the family business, which had become an established company in the area. In 1930 she acquired the building that housed the San Marco paper mill and transformed it into a modern pasta factory, where new machines for the production and drying of pasta were installed. The ability to keep up with the times was part of the Tomadini family’s working style, and in addition to machinery, they also equipped themselves with a telephone (our telephone numbers were 5 and 6). Tomadini pasta is now also sold outside of Pordenone, the means of transport and the roads are evolving, and with them the production and sale of Tomadini products.

The new opening


In 1944 Luigia inaugurated a pasta factory in Rezzato (BS), equipping it with the most modern production technologies of the period in order to guarantee a better product to her ever-growing clientele. 5 children.

The fifth generation


In 1968 the new factory was inaugurated in Pordenone, along the “brand new” state road which was then under construction. In those years, other pasta factories in Friuli and eastern Veneto were acquired, and Tomadini became the largest company in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Everywhere you go you find the now famous Tomadini shelves in the stores. Tomadini pasta thus became a product of daily consumption in many families in north-eastern Italy. Tomadini’s history continues with the fifth generation of pasta makers, Angelo and Luigi entering the company to work alongside their parents. This marked the beginning of a process of modernization and automation of production, which was concentrated in the Pordenone plant, closing the other plants in Friuli and transforming the factory in Rezzato (BS) into a logistical distribution center.

The Rebirth

1986 - 2019

In 1986, the multinational Danone entered the Tomadini company, launching a wide-ranging project to spread the Tomadini brand throughout the world.
In 1998, Luigi Tomadini reacquired the company and continues the work carried out by the generations that preceded him, continuing to wish you a good meal.

Luigi Tomadini


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